20 Amazing Rooftop Bars From Around The World


Best Rooftop Bars in The World

There is a certain romance which is included with rooftop bars. Whether it’s sipping on champagne when overlooking an exotic city or drinking your favorite beer above your own backyard, nothing compares to having a drink only a little bit nearer to the clouds. So pack your luggage, choose your Instagram filters and take the elevator to the top floor, because here are 10 of the planet’s most wonderful rooftop bars you will need to visit.

2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore has among the world’s most impressive skylines, and the huge city has a tiny footprint which signifies buildings move skyward. This pub sits beneath the Marina Bay Sands hotel, 57 storeys up. Considering the water and around to the port city’s wall of skyscrapers, it’s the ideal place to sip at the opinion and, clearly, a Singapore Sling.


3. Klunkerkranich, Berlin

From company New York into hipster Berlin, Klunkerkranich embodies a piece of today’s Germany. The bar looks out over the town of Berlin, with the company district cutting a shape on the near horizon. The pub has a distinctly urban feel, sitting above a car park and fitted out with recycled timber. Klunkerkranich allows Berlin do the talking for it, whether that be the individuals, the live audio or the views.


4. White Rabbit, Moscow

Even more restaurant than bar, and indoors, we could not go beyond Moscow’s White Rabbit as one of the world’s most magnificent places to drink and eat. Enclosed below a glass dome sixteen stories up, White Rabbit leaks Moscow’s brutal winters while taking in all of its beauty. Named one of the world’s very best restaurants, White Rabbit today also locates itself on Your Trend Spotter’s prestigious record.


5. Four Seasons, Mumbai

Not the typical rooftop bar, this Mumbai vantage point sits atop a resort. The clean, trendy texture blended with Mumbai’s propensity to generate spectacular sunsets means that this bar makes our record. The pub provides an entirely different view than you may gain on the roads of Mumbai, bringing some tranquillity over an otherwise chaotic city.


6. Rooftop Bar, Melbourne

Another slightly different spin on the notion, The Rooftop Bar opens up to a theater over the summer months. With a view from the top of Curtin House that looks up to Melbourne’s CBD, you could be forgiven for your eyes drifting from the film you have paid to see. Unpretentious and very Melbourne, visit the rooftop theatre and bar for a chilled out night nighttime.


7. Rock Bar, Bali

When you think of rooftop bars your mind usually wanders to flourishing mega cities with views of skyscrapers extending into the horizon. That having been said, the island retreat of Bali has lots to offer up in the atmosphere. Rock Bar is located at AYANA Resort and brings a distinctively Bali twist to the standard rooftop bar, since it’s located on the surface of a cliff. Sitting 14 metres above the Indian Ocean, this bar’s views are magnificent.


8. Sky Bar Lebua, Bangkok

You might recognise this pub from The Hangover 2 and Chow’s classic switcheroo. However, this rooftop bar was famous until it was a movie star. The Sky Bar–and also the attached Sirocco restaurant–is still a must-see for most visiting Bangkok, therefore it becomes busy. But searching to get a bit of elbow room is well worth it only to take in the views of a few of the world’s most vibrant cities.


9. Wooloomooloo, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong skyline is a masterpiece in its own right. Buildings grow up in virtually impossibly tiny spaces. The town is dense and tall, so it makes sense that Hong Kong could have some unbelievable rooftop spaces. Wooloomooloo looks over this densely populated metropolis with views from the CBD to the Harbour. This pub looks amazing, plus we like to believe that its name was inspired by Australia’s very own Woolloomooloo.


10. 40 Kong, Dubai

It’s fair to say that Dubai is a town better seen in panorama than at ground level. With so much spectacular architecture it is logical to get up high and have a much better look. 40 Kong is a rather new addition to Dubai’s rooftop scene, and it’s made an immediate impact. With its contemporary decor and a perfect mix of pub and lounge vibes, this 40th-floor nightclub makes for amazing memories and better photos.


40 Kong, Dubai

11. Le 360, Cannes

Perhaps this bar makes it to our list completely due to what surrounds it. It doesn’t matter since Le 360 is one of the most breathtaking places in the world to have a drink. Situated on top of a Cannes hotel, this pub overlooks the sea, the mountains and town of Cannes. Everywhere you look is just another postcard shot.


12. Mama Shelter, Los Angeles

Among the more colourful entrants to this record is Hollywood’s Mama Shelter rooftop bar. Located above a stylish boutique hotel, Mama Shelter’s rooftop bar is a glowing reprieve in the streets of L.A. With plenty of places to lounge and dine, you can spend all day here looking out over the Hollywood Hills along with the expanse of L.A.


13. Long Island Summer Lounge, Frankfurt

If you’re after a map for this area, you could be forgiven for believing that you have the wrong address. The Long Island Summer Lounge sits atop a seven storey railroad station in Frankfurt. However, the vibe is positively summer with a sun deck and swimming pool you may forget about the piled cars under you. With views over the ‘Mainhattan’ skyline, it is the rooftop to locate at a Frankfurt summer.


14. Radio, London

The concept of a rooftop bar in sunny London might look to be a crazy idea, but when the sun looks Londoners flock to sunlight soaked spots. Radio sits ten storeys over the Strand and takes in views of The City to Westminster.


15. Grace Santorini, Santorini

There are few words that can aptly describe the beauty of Santorini. The almost exclusively white structures on the Greek Island overlook a few of the bluest water you have seen. Everywhere is the scene by a postcard. Grace Santorini lets the image perfect picture do all of its talking for it.


16. W, Hong Kong

This rooftop bar and swimming pool is the centrepiece of this posh, high-rise Hong Kong hotel. Choosing to remain at W is a danger if you would like to see a number of Hong Kong, as with opinions similar to this, it is going to be difficult to pull yourself away from the rooftop.


17. Skye Bar, Sao Paulo

Another bar situated on the rooftop of a significant hotel is Sao Paulo’s Skye Bar. Often rated among the world’s best, this bar gives you 360-degree perspectives of Brazil’s most important cities. The bar doubles as the hotel’s pool deck, so if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Brazil, book yourself a room and take advantage of one of the most picture perfect swims you will ever take.


18. Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

A rooftop bar above a legacy resort in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, it’s almost surreal how good it sounds. The pub gets busy for supper and drinks, opening to the general public after 9 o’clock. But the infinity pool is the place to be to take in the views of the old town in the slowest pace possible.


19. Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai

Not long ago, this rooftop bar might not have created this list. It’s easy to overlook how much Shanghai’s skyline has developed over the previous 25 decades, but now it is one of the brightest and most impressive business districts in Asia. Together with the best views of this Oriental Pearl Tower, and also the increased Bund region, Ritz-Carlton’s rooftop offering is a must-visit when you end up in the Paris of the East.


20. Ghostbar, Las Vegas

The term ‘vibrant’ is an understatement with this city; Las Vegas is the home of electrical nightlife. The city’s skyline paints a picture of what to anticipate, adorned with everything from pyramids to Eiffel Towers, anything else goes in Las Vegas. Ghostbar is a 55th-floor nightclub that screams ‘Las Vegas’. With panoramic views of the strip, Ghostbar allows you to drink in the luminescence of vegas, while partying like you can in vegas.


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