20 Gorgeous Wedding Nail Designs for Brides


Wedding Nail Designs

Dress, venue, guest list, flowers, shoes, suits, bridesmaids and groomsman; there is an infinite number of things to tick off your to-do list before you state, I do. So it’s understandable that your nails might not be the first things on your mind. But trust us when we say that your hands will be receiving a lot of focus on your special day. You definitely don’t want to get caught short in these close-up flowery shots with unpolished and unkept talons. As a bride to be, we understand how busy you are and you don’t have time to be scrolling through Pinterest pages keeping up with manicure trends. So we have done the work for you and put together this list of lovely wedding claws for your special moment.

Classic Wedding Nails

Vintage French manicures are classic and elegant. If your nails are healthy enough, you can even skip the foundation color. But if you want a bit more impact, a soft pink, peach or nude undercoat, with or without cosmetic detail, then will work superbly with the crude white suggestion.

Classic Wedding Nails

Gorgeous Wedding Anniversary Art

If you are considering looking out nail art, we’d suggest keeping it fairly minimal and not overly over-the-top. You want your pictures to be timeless, however, a couple strategically positioned diamontes, blossoms or swirls can look seriously gorgeous.

Gorgeous Wedding Nails

Ivory Wedding Nails

If you still would like to be conventional but are after something a bit more contemporary than a French or natural polish, ivory is a classic white alternative. Try out this intricate ivory base coat with a bit of gold glitter.

ivory wedding nails

Red Wedding Nails

Red nail polish has ever been favourite amongst daring babes, so why not try it out as a fashion-forward bride? This bright red heart layout looks super cute in images and can be an enjoyable way of injecting your personality into your manicure.

Red Heart Wedding Nails

Wedding Acrylic Nails

If you are looking to add some length and strength to your talons on your special day, then opt for an acrylic nail. Doing so will give you the choice to be a bit more experimental with the contour. You are able to try a square, coffin,  almond, oval or rounded shape nails.

Wedding Acrylic Nails

Blue Wedding Nails

Your smart mani can function as “something blue”. Just decide whether you need something daring, such as a dark navy or a softer look, such as this Tiffany’s layout.

Blue Wedding Nails

3D Wedding Nails

Why if your own ring finger be the only one with bling? Bedazzle your nails with a stunning 3D layout for your special moment.

3D Wedding Nails

Orange Wedding Nails

These pretty pale orange claws with Swarovski crystal art are creative and fun. Summer brides should try out this layout for a modern, youthful appearance.

Orange Wedding Nails

Ombre Wedding Nails

Upgrade your easy manicure or classic French with a sophisticated ombre layout. It is a pretty and stylish take on a conventional bridal manicure and seems heavenly with a lace accent nail.

ombre wedding nails

Purple Wedding Nails

Purple is versatile and a classic in the world of wedding color schemes. It’s daring yet still subtle and classy. Try out this statement design with added purple glitter for a super on-trend appearance.

purple wedding nails

Wedding Gel Nails

Gel manicures could be real lifesavers for brides. The rapid dry time and also the durable, chip-free formulation is almost a larger dream come true in relation to the wedding. Not to mention you can have your mani completed a couple days before the wedding knowing full well you polish will probably seem as new as it did on day one. For the best results, we would suggest getting a gel manicure one or two days before your wedding this way the paint will not have lost its lustre.

gel nails for weddings

Gold Wedding Nails

Want an extra touch of glamour in your special day? Go gold. It is your wedding after all, so why not have a little bit of extra glow? You can even add glitter for a wow-factor.

Cute Nails to get a wedding

If you would like a little bit of fun with your nails on your wedding, be our guest. There is a whole lot of fun inspiration, so we adore this adorable floral design. It’s a stylish and classic, contemporary and fashionable, just everything you want for your special day.

Cute Wedding Nails

Wedding Accent Nails

Having glitter accent nails on your own ring fingers is 1 way to ensure your ring stays on screen. Try out a subtle silver glitter to help your own ring stand out and maintain the rest of your nails plain with soft pink or nude.

accent wedding nails

Organic Nails for Wedding

Au naturel nails may look simple and elegant. Just ensure that your nails are all neat and clean. Document the hints, so they are all 1 length and the same shape, clean your cuticles and buff your nails. You can either go entirely bare or apply a coat of clear polish to bring just a small bit of shine.

Natural Wedding Nails

DIY Wedding Nails

As a modern bride-to-be, you are probably already a enthusiastic Pinterest and DIYer, so why not take a look for an at-home manicure? It could be a fun night in for you and your bridesmaids and also allow you to cut down on a couple of wedding expenses. There are tons of tips, tricks and how-to’s online, but we all like this amazingly straightforward lace design. Simply apply a clear base coat or gentle naked shade, make it to dry, find some spare lace and put it over your nails. Paint over the lace in white gloss, allow it to dry, add a transparent top coat and viola; you’ve got gorgeous wedding nails.

DIY Wedding Nails

Winter Wedding Nails

Are you getting married? Try a pretty snowflake or speckled white glitter nail layout for a gorgeous and seasonally-appropriate fashion.

winter wedding nails

Wedding Toenail Designs

Last but definitely not least, you don’t wish to forget about your toes, particularly if you’re wearing open-toe shoes. Having your feet done will make you feel and look more put together, and it’s a great way to get ready for this particular tropical honeymoon. Try to match whatever design you’ve selected for claws, minus a few of the extravagant embellishments for sensible reasons. This does not mean that you can not have fun with your pedicure, however. Try something easy like white nails with an accent toe featuring small studs and white swirls.

toe nail wedding designs

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