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How to Wear Brogue Shoes for Men


Men's Guide to Wearing Brogue Shoes

When it comes to men’s shoes, brogues are a must-have style. Not only are they smart and fashionable, but they are also able to add interest and excitement to any ensemble as a result of their distinctive perforations. So, when it’s time to pick a pair of shoes to wear, why don’t you pick some brogues? Whether you’re dressing for a smart casual occasion or semi-formal function, these shoes may certainly finish your look. Do not believe us? We’ll take you through the advantages of this classic footwear fashion and how you’re able to wear it for a seriously fashionable look. Here is our final brogue shoe guide for men.

Form of Brogues

Brogues come in 2 fashions: the Derby with open lacing along with the Oxford with enclosed lacing. Brogues can also be jaded by the various perforations they feature. Designs include the entire brogue (wingtip), half brogue and quarter brogue.

Full Brogue (Wingtip)

Full brogues are the most iconic of those styles and feature a pointed toe cap with wing-like extensions which run along both sides of the shoe. When viewed from the top the toe cap looks like it has a ‘W’ or “M” shape.





Brogues with Chinos

In addition to looking great with trousers, brogues may also associate perfectly with chinos. As brogues lend themselves excellently to a smart casual appearance, they match well with chinos, which can be inherently elegant yet relaxed. To nail the mix, stick with classic colours for both your trousers and shoes. Then, finish your look with a simple shirt. You might even add a blazer if you want and cuff your trousers to show off your ankles.

Brogues With Chinos

Brogues with Jeans

On account of their detailed appearance, brogues can sometimes seem overwhelming with specific jeans. But that doesn’t mean that you should not give this combination a try. When worn right, this look can be smart and stylish. To rock brogues with jeans, remember to keep matters simple and sleek. To do so, aim to get a smart casual look with slender or skinny jeans in a dark blue or black. Then, finish your look with something glossy on top, such as a shirt, t-shirt and blazer, or sweater.

Brogues With Jeans

How to  Employ Brogues

  • pick the type of brogues that suit your style, outfit and the occasion for which you’re dressing.
  • Select brogue shoes with lots of perforations for casual outfits and styles with minimal holes for formal ensembles.
  • Dress up brogues by picking a slim pair in a timeless colour and sporting them with a lawsuit or tailored trousers.
  • Pair light colored chinos using classic brown brogues and also a button-up shirt for an elegant yet relaxed look.
  • Wear brogues with slender black blue jeans and a T-shirt and blazer for a trendy, smart casual appearance.

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