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22 Greatest Disconnected Undercuts for Guys


Disconnected Undercuts for Modern Men

The top hairstyles are to be those who provide the classic touch of a traditional cut combined with a modern and advanced edge. The contemporary disconnected undercut fits this description perfectly and is well worth considering for the next trip to the barbershop. Defined by its long shirt and short sides, this cool cut forgoes fades and slow changes in length and opts for bold comparison instead. Originally favoured by military men in the 20th century, the disconnected undercut hasn’t lost its tough edge and old-world allure. Nowadays, however, the style is more innovative than ever and can readily be adapted to match your own personal style. Here are the best disconnected undercuts for men who need a hairstyle using a bit of character.

Disconnected Undercut for Men

  • A typical disconnected undercut looks best when created in a horseshoe shape, starting from the corners of the hairline and going around to the back of the head.
  • Should you plan on parting your undercut hairstyle or styling it to a side, be sure to cut hair slightly more on the side where you’re parting from to help it sit flat.
  • To ensure a clean disconnect, request a blunt and clear distinction between the top and bottom layers.
  • Disconnected undercuts tend to look best with plenty of volume on top but can do the job for thinner racks in shorter spans.
  • The short sides and extended top of disconnected undercut styles can often stretch and stretch the silhouette of the mind, so make sure that your cut is the most flattering for your face shape.
  • Decide how you’re going to be styling your own hair before getting a disconnected undercut to be sure that it’ll sit as planned when complete.