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5 Ways To Wear A White Jacket This Winter


Whether we like it or not, winter has well and truly hit Australia! But that does not mean you have to let the gloomy weather impact your own wardrobe. White coats are hot this winter and there is more than 1 way to put on them. We’ve put together 5 handy ways to wear a white coat this season.

2.  Invest In A Few Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Australians wear shorts. Trans-seasonal dressing is a great way to get wear from your useful summer favourites on mild winter months. Throw on a set on shorts and display a bit of leg for a stylish-meets-casual outfit.

White Jacket and Shorts 4

3. Mix It Up With Pastels

White with pastels is one of the most popular styles of 2014. So far as all white outfits proceed, we’ve all been there and done that. This year, fashionistas everywhere are projecting light colors to the mix. Putting pastels under your white coat will make you look like a classy woman. To maximize elegance, compliment this outfit using a day of tea and scones.

White Jacket and Pastel

4. Put A Hat On It

When it may be winter, you are able to inject the spirit of summer in your outfit by wearing a hat. White coats and hats go together like harmful UV rays and hydration. The beauty of this method is you may team a hat with any outfit you like. Rugged up from head to toe in a white jacket, trousers and a wooly jumper? Pop a hat. Dressed in a trans-seasonal combination of a white jacket and shorts? You could put on a hat then too!

White Coat and Hat 2

5. Dress Up In Some Heels

White jackets were made to glow and should not be restricted to casual occasions. Step it up by teaming your white coat with a little black dress and a pair of heels.

White Jacket and Heels


So there you have it! Five fun and unique ways of getting the most from your white coat. There’s absolutely no reason for one to blend to a drab mass of black and grey. What exactly are you waiting for? Get out there and allow the world see your versatile white coat in all its glory!