30 Cool Bedroom Design Ideas for Your House


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A bedroom is so much more than only a place for sleeping, it is a refuge from the external world. It’s a room to escape the madness and simply kick back and relax. As such, the way that you design your bedroom is of great importance. Not only if it match your own personal taste and stream on from the rest of your dwelling, but in addition it should provide calmness and a little bit of luxury. In the bed and the colour of the walls down to lights and decorative accessories, every element of your bedroom is essential to creating your own little paradise.

Shades of White and Black

This light-floored bedroom has been turned to the perfect space for sleeping with the inclusion of charcoal walls.

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Calming Colours

In this bedroom, washed-out blue is paired with white and grey for the ultimate serenity space. Cool colours, such as these, have a lovely calming effect while hot tones supply the sensation of relaxation.

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Pops of Yellow

Pops of yellowish add a feeling of happiness to this otherwise neutral area. In case you have a bedroom that is looking a little dull, try adding your own small pops of color to brighten it up.

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Vintage Touches

Vintage touches add character and charm to this fashionable room. The trunks stacked at the foot of this bed are an especially chic touch which you can easily incorporate into your own bedroom.

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By deciding on a sculpture over ordinary artwork, you can create a room that is stylishly contemporary and sleek. Just be sure to let the exceptional feature become the focus of your room to avoid clashes.

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Wooden Features

By producing a bedroom with numerous wooden elements, you’re infuse it with a rustic and manly appeal. Just remember to create the ambience a little cosier with the addition of some softer textures.

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Pink Walls

Light pink walls can produce a lovely alternative to standard beige and white options. In this room, the hue is turned into a neutral with the addition of white trimmings and bolder accent colours.

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Sans Bed Length

Who needs a bed when a simple mattress on the ground may look so trendy? Coupled with two large, low-hanging, pendant lighting, the look looks chic and purposeful rather than shabby or economical.

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Glistening Silver Aesthetics

Multiple shades of gray give this bedroom a moody yet slick look while the simple addition of vegetation and a log-stacked fireplace keep it from appearing cold.

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Clean and Crystal Clear Design

Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than clean, clear, and nominal layout. Just be sure to add at least some interest in the form of texture or colour.

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Gentlemanly Characteristics

This fashionable bedroom is ideal for the modern day gent. Implementing a dark color palette and combining in rustic and vintage details, it becomes a sophisticated, masculine retreat from the rest of the world.

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White Sheets

Plain, white bed linen can help make the perfect area for relaxing and clearing your mind. It also allows you to be more imaginative with all the other bits you add to the room.

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By picking matching bedside tables and lamps, you will help to make a polished and calming symmetry for your own bedroom. To take the look a step farther, invest in matching pieces of artwork too.

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Homely Textures

The addition of textural fabrics will help to make a homely and comfortable feeling in bedrooms. A fur blanket or sterile carpet is all it takes to nail this style.

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Navy Stylings

When used in bedrooms, navy creates a rich and luxury aesthetic. Its deep hue looks great on everything from walls and bedding to lamps and accessories.

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Colourful Accessories

Add pops of colour to an otherwise neutral bedroom in the form of throw pillows and flowers. The small additions will include interest to the room without overpowering it.

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Country Meets Contemporary

Simple, timeless, and chic, this “nation meets modern” style bedroom is a great example of interior layout. While there are no bold pops of color, this chamber adds curiosity about the kind of the pattern on both the rug and throw pillows.

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Minimal Design with Added Greenery

Minimal design is given life with the addition of plants within this bedroom. While colored flowers would also work, simple greenery against a white backdrop has an incredible impact.’

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Holiday Feel

The warm tones of this room combined with green vegetation create the sensation of being on holiday right in your very own home. Infuse these components into your bedroom to get a lovely place to unwind and escape.

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Barn Doors and Brick

Allow the addition of exposed brick and sliding barn doors incorporate a strong, rustic touch to your bedroom. You can either combine it with modern pieces, such as in this bedroom or keep the theme throughout.

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Luxurious Yachts

Even the most basic space can be forced to feel lavish with the addition of rich textures and some greenery.

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Clustered Artwork

Rather than just one image above your bed, opt for a cluster of similar frames and images for a modern look. Black and white is always a fantastic option and allows you to easily add color in other areas of the room.

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Morrocan Details

This chic bedroom is based on simple Moroccan touches to infuse it with undeniable style.

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Eye-Catching Art

By dressing up a plain white wall with a unique painting, you can produce a wonderful, eye feature feature. Just remember to keep the remainder of your room quite simple when working with a complex piece.

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Tranquil Tones

This bedroom comprises mostly soft, warm tones that produce a tranquil and homely feeling. The addition of some subtle, light blue bits, but infuse it with a refreshing quality that keeps equilibrium.

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Bohemian Bedroom

Everything about this chamber, from the bed and headboard to the plants and candles, creates the perfect bohemian oasis from the outside world. Add a couple (or all) of those elements into your own bedroom for a intimate and creative atmosphere.

Bohemian Bedroom

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