4 Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow Now


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We have scrolled through our Instagram feeds and picked four of our favorite makeup professionals whose webpages will inspire you to try out a new appearance. These mythical names are a few of the best in the business and we’ve got their top tips that you interrogate to your makeup regimen.

2. Lisa Eldridge

Her client list reads as a who’s who of Hollywood and between painting famous faces for occasions and editorials she finds time to work as Global Creative Director at Lancôme, create YouTube videos to get her more than one million subscribers, compose a monthly beauty column for UK ELLE magazine and also upload fairly pictures on Instagram.

By following her Instagram

3. Val Garland

Val Garland has origins in hair colouring and it was her love of color that saw her movement from hair into cosmetics. Known for her fearless approach, Garland has worked with Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga and believes in taking risks and challenging beauty criteria. 1 time she covered the models’ faces tacky gloss before they each stuck their faces into a box of glitter, it is this bold attitude that makes her appealing to designers and photographers.

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4. Lottie Stannard

As a former assistant to Pat McGrath, Lotstar learnt by the makeup master and has continued to fine-tune her own abilities as an independent artist over the past twelve years. Educated in graphic layout, Lottie understands kind and the significance of detail creating her a force to be reckoned with. She’s worked her magic with top design houses such as Dior and Chanel on runway appears and has collaborated with magazines including Vanity Fair and Vogue.

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