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How to Employ the Poncho Trend


Poncho Trend Street Style 2015

It’s often the most probable of fashion you end up enjoying and sporting the most — and for us this year, that fashion is definitely the poncho. They first cropped up about 10 years ago — large neck and heavily fringed — but their resurgence can be mainly thanked into a stylish makeover. The present poncho incarnation has much more of a cape texture to it and has really been a fast hit with the street fashion set.   From Burberry’s luxury color block assess monogrammed blanket poncho, to more aztec or picture designs, the poncho is certainly proving to be the cover-up of choice for the season.

Inspired by the traditional South American poncho, the almost blanket like piece features vibrant colours, luxurious fabrics and is a key part in this season’s play with layering and ratio. Envision the comfy feeling of wearing your doona outside — minus the strange appearances. The secret to styling these kinds of ponchos would be to decorate the rest of your outfit with plain neutrals or even pastels to bring a little colour.

Poncho Trend Street Style 2015

The glamorous poncho evokes the sense of this cape, but easier to put on both formally and casually.     Rich colours, fabrics and intriguing graphic designs take the piece up a notch, and also appear beautiful paired with a streamlined bottom — think shorts along with lots of leg, or slim trousers and tasteful heels. A fantastic way to add bursts of color to an otherwise plain outfit, we also love the slightly preppy texture with oversized plaid in bright colors.

Poncho Trend Street Style 2015

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