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50 Ways to Rock a Bowl Haircut



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Since the autumn of the reign in the ’90s, bowl cuts have been shunned by the world of fashion and fashion. A once much-loved hairstyle, the bowl cut is now a relic of the past inciting cringes and laughs when seen in old photos. No doubt more than a few gents are now experiencing unpleasant childhood flashbacks when being reminded of this style. The memory of the mother plonking a bowl in their heads and cutting it around certainly still haunting them.

They say that the best way to get over your anxiety is by facing it, and we could not agree more. Thus, if you’re still having nightmares about your childhood bowl cut, there’s no better time than today to attack the problem head on. After all, the once goofy style is back trending once again. Much like everything ’90s, in the moment, bowl cuts are once again cool and fast becoming a leading style for 2016 and ’17. Do not believe us? We’ve got more than enough evidence to convince you that now is the time to bring the bowl back.

While the dreadful, mushroom-looking, bowl cuts of the past are best left behind, the new breed of modern ones taking their place should unquestionably be embraced. Edgier, messier and undoubtedly cooler than their predecessors, this updated range of bowl cuts is just what you’ve been searching for in a new hairstyle. The re-born cut has a fresh punk feel that’s prefect for your contemporary, manly fashion. Find all the inspiration you need to face your fears, and once again choose the bowl cut, right here.