6 Finest Couture 2015 Beauty Trends


6 Top Couture 2015 Beauty Trends To Try Now

Haute Couture pushes boundaries and is at the pinnacle of innovative design but in order to realize outlandish topics designers must not overlook one detail. The clothes starts the transformation but attractiveness completes a look, and despite the eccentricities a lot of those Couture 2015 beauty styles could be altered and worn away from the runway. As far as hair accessories are involved, silver and gold headbands are on trend and once it comes to makeup, blush is the new best friend, as is blue eye shadow. This season flashbacks of princess dress ups and your mum’s late eighties makeup bag will come flooding back; again, is definitely more.

80’s Nostalgia

At 2015 Couture reveals beauty  trends took us back to many periods including the eighties. In Armani Privé makeup artist Linda Cantello contested “why do we have to wear dark or red burgundy lips in the winter? Why can not we wear shocking pink?” For an unexpected look this winter; believe pink. Ulyana Sergeenko did not share the very same eighties inspiration but her models did wear bright smudged lips. The impact was of a post-pash, with dawn after eyes.

To get this look don’t be too precise with your eye makeup, smudge and reapply until you have the desired result. If it comes to the lips, then choose the brightest pink you can find but make certain to keep the colour in the natural lip line. To maintain the essence of these couture lips try tapping down the colour and overlook any lip liner, this appearance is about a lack of precision.

pink lips couture 2015 trend

Blushing Beauty

Forget contouring and bronzer, for the ultimate 2015 haute couture look go heavy on the eyebrow. At Chanel, art deco clones fitted in identical wigs paraded through a casino collection. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux was responsible for its dark brows, overdrawn lips and announcement rouge which gave the models a bygone era, futuristic geisha look. Exaggerated blush was also a key element in creating Bertrand Guyon’s French Aristocrat inspired makeup at Schiaparelli.

To try out this beauty trend  in your home our suggestion is to employ more blush than you usually would without tripping it. If your makeup looks theatrical then you have gone too far. Another tip for people who normally wear bronzer is to try a red blush on the cheeks instead.

blush beauty trends couture 2015

Middle Parted Curls

‘Yesterday’s curls’ were popular at Atelier Versace, Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli and Maison Margiela. A middle part is essential to making this look as it allows the loose curls to cascade naturally down each side of the face.

If you are planning to give this tendency a try then make sure you curl your hair daily before and sleep. The next morningwash your hair as you normally would and overlook the hairspray. Another tip is to leave the ends of your hair out when curling and prevent certain sections all together. Bear in mind that this look is more straight than it’s curls.

loose middle parted curls hair trend 2015 couture

Eyeliner Flicks

From subtle flicks to eyeliner with a flair for the dramatic, most 2015 Couture collections showcased their own variant. Maison Anoufa gave us heavy black liner that contrasts the sleek lines in Giambattista Valli. Jean Paul Gaultier played on the gloomy trend while Ellie Saab maintained the eyeliner in tune with their ethereal collection.

Play around with fashions and techniques. All these looks include a noticeable flick and so whichever style you choose to experiment with don’t forget to bring up the line at the conclusion.

eyeliner trend 2015 couture beauty

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