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7 Best Men’s Trench Coats You Want to Get This Winter


Men's Trench Coats For Looking Dapper in Winter1

The trench coat is a classic style item that gents should possess. As practical as it is stylish, this one outerwear garment can suit innumerable outfits and occasions. As such, it’s one of the very best style investments a man can make. But, why stop at only one? Nowadays, there are a variety of fantastic trench coat styles for men. In the double-breasted Burberry classic to modern cropped designs, these coats now come in all shapes and sizes. Below are the seven best men’s trench coats you want to buy for winter.

1. Burberry Trench Coat

Trench jacket aficionados will tell you that Thomas Burberry invented the first trench coat (though it’s probably best not to enter any dialogue with somebody who introduces themselves as a ‘trench jacket aficionado’). He invented them as an alternative for French and British soldiers to the heavy serge coats they had been wearing at the time.

Originally only made accessible to Army officers, they grew in popularity when veterans returned and started wearing them as part of their everyday getup.   This combined with the fact that the British Army ordered far too many, interest from the design piqued and the major excess was made accessible to the general public.   Now, Burberry nevertheless make the traditional double-breasted style although they also sell a range of single-breasted coats.

Berberry Trench Coat

  • ASOS Trench Coat

    ASOS Trench Coat

  • ISSEY MIYAKE VINTAGE  double breasted coat

    ISSEY MIYAKE VINTAGE double breasted coat