9 Space-Saving Toilet Design Ideas for Your Home


small bathroom ideas

You do not require an abundance of space to create a chic toilet. All you need is a few expert tips on layout and style, and you are going to have the ability to infuse the feeling of luxury in the littlest of chambers. By space-enhancing secrets to storage-tackling tips, this guide has a list of toilet design tips for your dwelling.

2. Cabinet Under Basin

Utilising areas in your toilet that are unusable is an fantastic way to maximise your storage without sacrificing the feeling of space. Specifically, including a cabinet beneath your sink or bowl will produce lots of useable space in a place that could otherwise be redundant. As you’ll have to forfeit the appearance of a floating sink, you will be able to conceal any pipes and gain a fantastic space for all your bathroom essentials. Additionally, adding convenient storage right under your plate means that there is not any need to have a cluttered counter, which then helps to create a more spacious atmosphere.

Cabinet Under Basin

3. Massive Tiles and Horizontal Panelling

Investing in quality design and mixing it with minimal styling is an excellent   means to create the feeling of distance in a small bathroom. As such, the floor and wall coverings you choose for your bathroom can play a substantial role beyond design. While large titles can help make an uncluttered feel in a little bathroom, flat stripes or panelling can stylishly add the look of additional length or width.

Large Tiles and Horizontal Panelling

4. Extra-Large Mirror

Purchasing an extra-large mirror for your bathroom will have important advantages. Not only are big mirrors perfect for practical purposes but they can also help to create the sensation of spaciousness in small areas. As a result of their light-reflecting capabilities, big mirrors may make even the tiniest of rooms feel comfy in size. While built in mirrors will achieve the best outcomes and have a wonderful modern appeal, any extra-large design with a minimal frame will do the trick.

Extra-Large Mirror

5. Natural Light

Natural lighting is one of the best tools for making a room feel spacious, so adopt it on your small bathroom with big windows. If solitude dictates you have to have curtains or blinds in the room, invest in a set that’s either lightweight and white or retractable. By simply allowing some sun in, you’ll transform your bathroom from dark and dingy to airy and open.

Natural Light

6. White and Bright

If it comes to creating the feeling of distance in a small place, nothing beats a white and bright colour palette. Also helpful for rooms which lack natural lighting, a white color scheme will brighten your bathroom exponentially. To keep things from feeling too sterile, add a glamorous touch with silver fittings, marble tiles, and glass. After that, put in a marijuana plant or two to get a dash of colour and life.

White and Bright

7. Multi-Purpose Storage

Storage can be a tricky thing to get in a little bathroom without making the area feel bloated. As any cupboards, drawers or shelves will intrude on the space of this space, you will need to be careful of what you choose to use. An easy box is a great way to add storage to your bathroom while saving space. Thanks to its flat surface, the cube can act as not only a storage space for towels but also as a stool and side table to the freestanding tub.

Multi-Purpose Pieces

8. Floor Tile in Shower

Although you may be tempted to separate your small bathroom into different sections, you should refrain. The best method to create a broad feeling would be to leave your bathroom as one open space that freely flows from 1 area to the next. This flowing space should also include your shower, which should feel as a natural area of the room. To create this feeling, it is vital to use the identical flooring tile during both the toilet and the shower. Doing so will enable your toilet and shower to appear as one big, open area instead of two separate smaller ones. Deciding upon a clear glass shower screen is also important for merging the two spaces into one.

Same Floor Tiles for Shower

9. Towel Rail

The accession of a towel rail in your bathroom is a great sensible option. Unlike hooks, which can each hold only 1 towel and take up additional space in a messy way, a railing can hold multiple towels at a neat and space-saving manner. Decide on a towel rail which runs vertically instead of horizontally for the best results in a small space. Doing so will make plenty of hanging space for towels without needing an excessive amount of wall area. It’s also advisable to select a towel rail which can become a design feature of your room. Afterward, stock it with your best towels for a rail that is both functional and trendy.

Towel Rail

Bathroom Design Ideas

  • Utilise natural lighting, mirrors, and a white color scheme to enhance the feeling of space in your small bathroom.
  • Produce the feeling of one open area by continuing your flooring tile to the shower.
  • Save shower area by including an inset shelf for your bathroom essentials.
  • Make the most of your bathroom with multipurpose storage thoughts.
  • Add additional storage in otherwise redundant spaces, such as under the basin.

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