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An Individual’s Guide to Polishing & Shining Shoes


A Man's Guide To Shining & Polishing His Shoes

Shoes will be the signature component of every gentleman’s sartorial arsenal. Just like most stylish apparel, great shoes can come at a cost so preservation of them is paramount. We carry you through our best tips for keeping your footwear. From cleaning to polishing, take things into your hands in regards to maintaining your shoes looking their best for more.

Shoe Care Products

These are our favourite essentials for shoe upkeep. Be aware that you can locate these products in different price points, so that they won’t automatically break the bank.

Horsehair Brush

For polishing and shining, a horsehair shoe brush is a smart investment. Our biggest tip when buying horsehair brushes is to get a few — one could be for brown shoes, one for black and you can be for lighter footwear. Over time, brushes could be stained with all the gloss of one colour and you do not want it transferred to some other toned shoes.

Shoe Brush

Polishing Cloth

Cotton cloth or linen is an thing you’ll need for shoe care. These may be perfect for eliminating excess dirt, conditioning and naturally polishing.

Shoe Polishing Cloth

Leather Conditioner

Leather can be quite a pain to maintain, but you’ll have the ability to see lasting results with a superb leather conditioner. The conditioner acts to soften up the leather, leaving it shinier and preserving its own lifespan on your wardrobe.

Leather Conditioner

Cream-based Shoe polish

Unlike a wax-based shoe polish, a cream-based polish works to conceal markings and add colour to sneakers losing their normal pigment. When working with a cream-based gloss, then you are going to want an even coating but don’t be too heavy handed with this item since a little goes a very long way.

Shoe Cream

Wax-based Shoe Polish

When it’s a searchable glow you’re following; a wax-based shoe polish is something that you will want to enhance your shoe care regimen. This type of polish works to buff leather shoes flawlessly, leaving a glossy finish that’s sure to be noticed.

Wax Polish

Instant Shine

For the gent that needs a quick fix, you can find sponges on the market that shine your shoes with a fast swipe. Dubbed ‘Instant Shine’, this is a great idea for the workplace or to keep with you on the move. You won’t be excited to haul your whole shoe care collection. To be used, simply work the sponge in round the entire shoe, for immediate glossy outcomes.

Instant Shine

Shoe Tree

If you Are Seriously Interested in wanting to preserve equilibrium and Protect Against moisture,

Shoe Care Kits

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