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How to Create the Modern Men’s Side Part Hairstyle


How to Create the Classic Men’s Side Part Hairstyle 1

While old school side parts may be thought of a traditional hairstyle choice for guys, contemporary interpretations of the side part have championed its timeless allure. With a large range of ways to construe this particular hairstyle, there are numerous aesthetics you can choose when channelling this vintage look. For a retro revival, opt for a timeless adaptation or embrace a more textured style  for a modernised sense of the side part. However you translate this hairstyle, keep things a few what classic and constantly polished.

Find Your Proper Part

The very best way to nominate an suitable facet part for your hair is to determine which way your hair naturally grows. This will allow you to locate a pure parting and dictate the line that you ought to comb your hair down when trying this out hairstyle. You can find your part by identifying which way your hair falls after it is wet.

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Know Your Hair Type

While obvious, your own hair type will dictate what type of side part you need to go for. Gentlemen with straighter hair types should add more feel should they wish to elect for a modernised approach on the side part hairstyle. Alternately, men with curlier, naturally textured hair types need to be aware of the way their hair falls, and should experiment with various lengths to match their facial form.

Mens Side Part Hairstyles

Product is The Crucial

A holding pomade or hair mousse is a requirement when pulling off the negative part hairstyle. Make sure your products are of excellent quality, this specific hairstyle demands optimum hold and a wonderful end for dimensional looks. Either a product that was matte or shiny can be utilized. To get a finish, go for modern looks for retro appearances opt for goods with shine.

Mens Side Part Hairstyles

Get The Appearance

  • GHD brush

    GHD brush

  • hairspray 2

    Hairspray 2

  • Murrays Dressing Pomade

    Murrays Dressing Pomade

  • Parlux


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