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Throughout our life it’s the memories that we will treasure the most. Physical items bring a momentary satisfaction, a ‘feel good’ feeling, yet the feeling fades with time, whilst memories can be transferred through generations.

When we return at our most valued memories, we think of the folks in our own life that shared these moments and the areas we visited. We think of those spontaneous adventures and funny encounters, unusual experiences and moving conversations. Our mind wanders to a joyful place and we would like to get taken back in time.

Among our most recent treasured times has been with the Chandon team. Together across two continents we’ve created wonderful memories and need to share them with you here. See our Chandon video diary of

Personal relationships play a big role in our lives. Family and our friends shared some of the most treasured moments. We have influenced and motivated each other, opened each other’s heads to more opportunities and possibilities. We’ve supported each other through rough times and observed that the great moment together.

Recognising what we appreciated the most assists us shape our life for greater professional and personal development. We attempt to direct our energy towards the things we truly love. For some it may be artistic expressions, thrill seeking experiences, or religious growth. We feel that if your job and personal relationships provide you with an opportunity to do more of everything you love, you will keep the balance in your life and create beautiful memories every day.

It’s important to be receptive to life’s options while maintaining a positive prognosis. We believe there are no failures, only lessons. Every step we take from the path that our heart points towards would be the correct step. The world is filled with possibilities and all of us face a fantastic diversity of options every day. By being in touch with your emotional navigation system along with tweaking your life around what is most important to you, more opportunities will come your way.

What changes have you made in your life to realize your most significant goals and desires? We would love to hear from you . Share your story with us at the comments below.

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