How to Colour Coordinate Your Home



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When it comes to interior decorating and designing, color is the most effective tool which you can use. Colour can manipulate distance by making rooms appear bigger or smaller, and also can change the way we feel by emotionally affecting our emotions.

Create the perfect space to meet your requirements by color coordinating your property. If you would like to bring the visual appeal of room to a room, choose cool colours, such as white, grey, blue and green. These colors naturally recede, giving the illusion of a bigger space. They are also naturally calming colors which will give a new, clear feel to chambers. To add a feeling of comfort and closeness, choose naturally warm colours such as yellow, brown, orange and gold. These colours advance to make rooms feel cosy and safe. Complete decorating the room with the addition of neutrals and similar colors for a minimum look or add opposite colours to create complimentary accents.

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