Must Have Gym Bag Essentials for Women


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There’s a large misconception that says that girls who wear makeup to the gym are just there to attract men, and while this theory holds some fact, you will find women who wish to crack a sweat and look good. The truth is women are criticised regardless of if they wear attractiveness goods or not, and all these dual standards will need to stop. If feeling confident whilst staying active means applying subtle cosmetics then we say do it. Here is our guide to gym bag essentials, lively makeup and skincare to keep you organised and feeling great no matter how you keep fit.

Face Towel

Face towels are a must-have and as the name implies it ought to be used in your own face, not your palms. Gym gear is a breeding ground for germs on account of the number of sweaty men and women using them and although most areas will provide paper towels to wipe down gear it’s ideal to wash your hands with disposable towelettes to protect against the spread of bacteria and leave your towel for your body and face. We adore this Petite Microfiber Towel out of Lululemon

petite microfiber towel from lululemon


Wipes are great for gym junkies who sweat it out during their lunch breaks or just before work and don’t have time to shower. Keep a packet of



Foundation is way too thick to work out together and will only clog your pores. Choose a BB lotion or a tinted moisturiser and look for products which contain SPF, especially if your train outside. Pick a color as close to your natural skin tone as possible because the goal would be for subtle coverage that will even out your skin tone without appearing too heavy. We adore


Wearing lipstick or lip-gloss into the fitness center will attract unwanted side glances but don’t worry as you can always use tinted lip balm. The moisturizing properties in lip balm will nourish your pout while you sweat it out. We enjoy

Cheek Stain

After running a few kilometres your lips will start to flush pink but also for added rosiness attempt wearing a cheek stain. Our suggestion is to apply it under your tinted moisturiser to get an inner look. Our favourite is


To emphasize your eyes without using eyeliners and eye shadows try curling your eyelashes. Rounded lashes will open your eyes up without the necessity for heavy makeup. If you can not live with a movie of mascara then be sure to choose a waterproof item.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrows can change the look of your face but it’s not unheard of for eyebrows to change their shape during an intense exercise. For an understated, undetectable lift, tame your brows together with

Makeup Remover

When you wear makeup you are blocking your pores which traps dirt below the skin and may lead to breakouts and blackheads. Should you decide to wear makeup whilst exercising be sure to remove it after you’ve finished. We recommend


After a demanding workout hop into the shower and cleansing your skin to eliminate the sweat and grime. The

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