10 Greatest Furniture Stores at Melbourne


Best Furniture Shops in Melbourne

Finding the inspiration and time to decorate can be challenging. Whether you have just bought a new house or you are trying to redo your present home that you have been residing for decades, the task can often feel overwhelming. You may be inundated with an infinite number of choices on where to source all of the brand new furniture, or maybe you just don’t know where to get started. Not to worry, since we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve shortlisted the best furniture stores in Melbourne where you can grab some fantastic items for the home.

2. Living Edge

In case you’re trying to find your typical run-of-the-mill products to design your home, Living Edge isn’t the store for you. What you could expect from this brand, is striking accent pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Like for example, their Quilt Sofa Single Seat in navy, that can easily double as a installment art. The Quilt chair consists of upholstered honeycomb-like skin created from hi-tech stretch cloth and individual foam inserts fit over a chic fibreglass shell. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they have a variety of readily adaptable, good clean, contemporary furniture. All bits remain true to their decidedly urban aesthetic while looking back to earlier decades. A number of the distinguishable goods have even made their way into iconic buildings such as White House from the USA, the German Reichstag and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Location: 132A Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne


3. Jardan

If you’re searching for quirky and trendy pieces to update your home, or you want to create an abode unlike any other, subsequently Jardan is your ultimate furniture destination in Melbourne. Best described as Aussie-meets-Scandi style, this brand crafts items for the contemporary world that manage to keep a relaxed simplicity and playful quality. You’ll be pleased to know that Jardan is an Australian family-owned small business. In operation since 1987, it was constructed from the ground up in Melbourne and is conducted by a sibling duo, Nick and Mike Garnham. Better yet, Jardan clinics sustainable sourcing and therapy of materials. They’re also doing their part to keep work in Australia by having all things handmade and produced in Melbourne.

Location: 522 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne


4. Matt Blatt

Established in Sydney’s Marrickville many moons past, this family-owned furniture and homewares brand gone onto become one of the most covetable manufacturers in Australia. And it’s not tough to see why. Matt Blatt’s eclectic   selection of products are anything but dull, and favour the fresh and fabulous over the formulaic and functional. And like their layout philosophy says: “a fashionable space is a happy location.” Walking into a Matt Blatt store, you really feel like you’ve been transported to an art exhibition for unique furniture. The shops   boast an impeccable group of closely curated furniture pieces. If you can not manage to deck your halls with Matt Blatt, we suggest purchasing a minumum of one standout piece to bring all of your other things to life. Consider it as an investment.

Location: 587-593 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne


5. Coco Republic

Coco Republic is the epitome of style and luxury when it comes to interior design. The upmarket furniture shop offers a range of elegant furniture and fashionable homewares to suit a variety of homes. When entering a Coco Republic store, you will discover their range along with a carefully curated selection of items from designer brands such as Timothy Oulton, Jonathon Adler, Natural Curiosities and Oly. Over the years they have also featured brands like Ralph Lauren and Kenzo. Each bit from Coco Republic is a superbly designed interior item that may hold its own as a work of art. You could quite easily spend a full day perusing their magnificent and impeccably styled Melbourne showroom, which will leave you flowing with inspiration for your home. Or should you would like to sit back and put your feet up, they also provide property styling, which will be a win-win in our eyes.

Location: 500 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne


6. Domayne

When it comes to interior decorating, Domayne could easily function as one-stop shop. They offer an outstanding collection of furniture and décor for every room of the home. Let us simply say; you won’t be short of choice in Domayne. Their assortment of products covers a vast range of styles and layouts. They also support Australian made products and source all of their unique items internationally. Domayne offers inexpensive bits, without compromising on style or quality. Stocking a number of the largest furniture brands in Australia, Domayne is fast emerging as one of Australia’s top retailers in furniture, bedding and homewares.

Location: 210 Lonsdale St, Melbourne


7. West Elm

If you are thinking about creating a fashionable area or contemporary home, West Elm is the place you must start. The luxury furniture brand offers stylish contemporary furniture for every room of the house. West Elm’s chic, modern designs are evidenced by classic pieces, on-trend finishes and bold pops of colour. Remaining true to the new glossy, mid-century modern aesthetic, they’re known for their on-point design that is just as beautiful as it is trendy. You can’t go past their distinctive flair, as much as their cheap rates.

Location: 464 Chapel St, South Yarra, Melbourne


8. Space

Inside among Space’s most showrooms, you’ll get some of the world’s finest furniture and accessories for your home. They’ve far from ordinary products to suit every style and type of house, which push a very nice balance between relaxation and luxury. Favouring on contemporary design brands, you will find names such as Maxalto, Kartell, Mooi, Foscarini and Vitra at Space. It’s well worth a visit to their Melbourne showroom which is architect-designed and a very pleasing experience for your eye. But not too much for your own wallet.

Location: 629 Church St, Richmond, Melbourne


9. Ikea

Ikea is a furniture  section that unites a minimalist aesthetic with practical and functional pieces which may work in almost any space or house. Nonetheless, it is their cheap pricing and easy to assemble pieces that are their biggest drawing card, which makes it much more accessible than other brands. While Ikea might not offer the most luxurious item of furniture that you will ever possess, every item still seems great once slotted to your living room and serves its purpose well. If you combine some cheap pieces with more bespoke buys, nobody will ever be able to tell.

Location: Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, 630 Victoria St, Richmond, Melbourne


10. Meizai

One of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets, Meizai is renowned for its innovation, contemporary flair and timeless design. They source and furnish unique decorative items to make an amazing selection of products and solutions across furniture, wardrobes, joinery, lighting and accessories. Meizai collaborates with innovators both globally and locally. Representing some of the biggest names in the design industry. You’ll find everything from Dutch design house d-bodhi to top innovative brands such as Camerich and Halcyon Lake Carpets and Rugs. Their selection includes brilliantly styled room to reflect a wide range of tastes, types of furniture and accessories. If you like to maintain your décor present, it’s also a great place to seek inspiration because they are always current on the latest global furniture trends.

Location: 658 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne

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