Portsea Polo 2015 | A Sartorial Report


Jeep Portsea Polo 2015 Banner

It’s the much anticipated event that heralds the beginning of the Melbourne social calendar year, and this year’s Jeep Portsea Polo shows that the occasion has come into full maturity. Locals talk of time when sandals, thongs, simple tees, linen shifts and simple picnics served from the boot of someone’s Rolls or Benz was the order of the day but that seems to have dissipated as memory. Jeep Portsea Polo is now a playground of this society place, where towering edifices rather than easy marquees lineup the polo field and and the fashionable ‘Beau Monde’ congregate laden in designer accessories and apparel coming stylishly at a calvacade of limousines, boats as well as for its ultra glamourous, helicopters.

WAG Rebeccah Panozza wears White Suede and a Longines timepiece.

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