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The Best Jeans for Men (A Guide to Men’s Denim)



An excellent pair of jeans is just one of the vital apparel must-haves for every modern man: classic, simple, forever trendy. Traversing all economic and social divides and the greatest go-to on casual Friday, it is worth it to provide a little thought to these hard-working guys. To guide you on your search for the upcoming ultimate pair, we have assembled a denim encyclopaedia, finish with styles, styles and care how-tos.

Types of Skinny Jeans

Slim Leg Jeans

Possibly the most flexible match, the slim leg jeans is stitched heavier thighs as the tapered ankle works to stretch and stretch the shape. Additionally, it is recommended to err on both sides of a legitimate match if buying slim leg jeans, a snug waistband fit being paramount to ensure longterm relaxation when you start to experience some stretch in the fabric.



A wardrobe staple for every modern gent, stonewashed denim is what immediately comes to mind when you think jeans. Stone washing produces a faded, worn appearance. This is   accomplished by washing the jeans with pumice in a rotating drum or using chemicals to create the appearance without the utilisation of a rotating drum. The beauty of the stonewashed look, and no doubt the reason for its ubiquity is its simplistic design.


Acid Wash

Acid wash jeans have a mottled appearance that is accomplished by chemically bleaching the denim with chlorine or ‘acid’ soaked pumice, bleaching parts of the cloth to white. Having a 90’s punk aesthetic, acid wash denim is a daring option, particularly in darker colors making a fresh look for summertime.



Waxed jeans are denim coated with paint, beeswax, or a wax glaze to make a shiny finish. This process provides a subtle black sheen to the fabric which delivers a sleek, debonair vibe developing a luxe leather feel without the weight or distress of leather trousers.


Denim Styling Tips

We believe we speak for many men when we state that denim (especially jeans) are likely to be the most versatile piece of clothing that we will ever own in our lives. They could practically be used everywhere — in the home, during labour, walking the dog — the possibilities are infinite. That having been said,    it is important to remember that there is a time and place for everything, including fashion. By way of example, while sporting overly tight jeans can be appropriate for a backyard BBQ, it is practically forbidden for a night out with friends. A similar idea even applies to double denim — although sporting the combination with the exact same colour scheme and cloth may be okay to get a seven-year-old, it is undeniably a large no-no when you’re older.

How to Wear Men’s Skinny Jeans

Event is the Key

Among the best characteristics of jeans is that there are a lot of styles to choose from. But, it’s all in the event. You have to select jeans that will be suitable for the type of physical endurance you are going to pursue through the day. A formal event should reveal a more elegant side of you, along with your jeans should help match that. Dark and black denim is highly recommended. Pair this with some wonderful dress shoes and you have got yourself a winning combination.

But on the flip side, if the event is something casual such as grocery shopping or walking in the park, then it is the other way round with comfortable straight jeans being the preferred. Make sure it has deep pockets for essentials like pockets, phones and keys, and always test how well it is possible to move inside them. It is nice to accompany it with a different coloured belt since not only will it show how flexible the jeans come with color mixes, but it ensures that they will not accidentally drop down in people that’s obviously a plus!

Blue Sports Jacket

Double Denim

The monochrome appearance is gradually fading, and the easiest way to pull off the double lace look is using two different color schemes which contrast each other. A common mix is a black coat and blue washed jeans out or vice versa. Contrasting denim is now even easier to do since pastel coloured jeans are getting to be an increasingly common trend in the market.

In order to do this properly, it’s essential that whatever you wear underneath gives a pop of colour. White is always a safe choice, but a grey, emerald, or cerulean shirt or t-shirt would be a much better option. Other colors to consider could be yellow, orange, purple and limeade just to name a few. This can likewise be placed on the colour of your shoes and other accessories (eg: gloves, scarves etc.) to get further colour scheme equilibrium.

Menswear Denim Trends

How to Shrink Jeans

  • Run your jeans throughout the normal cycle cold, without detergent or fabric softener.
  • Put your jeans throughout the spin cycle for at least ten minutes after the main wash.
  • Transfer to the drier, and let fall dry on a low heat until jeans are dry, ideally in 30-minute bursts to avoid over-shrinking.
  • An arguably less-risky method of decreasing denim would be to do so in the tub. Put in your brand new jeans and sit in a tub of hot water (as hot as you can stand), until water has cooled.
  • After water is heated, jump out and leave your jeans till dry. This is best to do in the summertime, an hour or two in the backyard should do just fine.
  • This technique is fool-proof, since you are effectively shrinking your jeans for your form —  a canny way to prevent over-shrinking the waistband, which can be difficult to reverse.

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