The Best Travel Apps of 2016


best travel apps

Travelling can open worlds and heads like nothing else can. While we’re all consumed by the wanderlust in us at one point or another, being prepared to step out of your comfort zone can be very challenging if you aren’t well prepared for this. To make your trip a memorable¬†one, it’s far better to get help right at your fingertips. We’ve curated the best travel apps of 2016 so you will never lose your bearings, so overpay to your resort or get crippled by jetlag again.


For all the typical business travelers keeping tab of business, expenses could be rather a herculean job. Stress not! Bid adieu to excel sheets,


With just a bit of a button, a gentleman can book their lodging.


Travelling is filled with surprises, understanding new cultures can be insightful as well as the best stories of a place come from the locals, but not knowing the language could make it somewhat challenging to convey and comprehend. This issue can be easily mended with


Since the program says, it truly has changed the way that you ride. The

XE Currency


There’s always so much to deal with when you’re travelling, hotel bookings, car rental services, bookings and much more. To make life easy, all you Need to Do is get


Do you have the very best deal?




Stranger in the city, and you don’t know where to go? Let the


While the possibility of travelling for business or pleasure could be alluring, lengthy hours at the airport due to delayed or missed flights and protracted layovers can prove to be a dampener. With