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Top International Fashion News of the Week | 14.01.18


Fashion News: The Death of a Dark Era: Stars Wear Black to The Golden Globes 

This week, Hollywood celebrities wore black to champion solidarity, a distinctive Gucci museum opened in Florence and celebrity Nikki Reed launched a jewelry line which recycles gold out of older computers. Locate these stories and much more as we show this week’s top international fashion news.

The Departure of a Dark Era: Stars Wear Black to The Golden Globes

Since 2018 started, we bid farewell to a planet where victims of sexual assault are silenced. The ocean of black dresses and suits in this week’s 75th Golden Globes depicted a funeral of sorts, which put into stone the beginning of a new era.   Actress Issa Rae explained it as “the death of old Hollywood”, as actors and actresses wore black because a stand against anybody who has used their position of power to abuse, blackmail or silence other people. The motion and correlating ‘Time’s Up’ campaign arose in late 2017, in the wake of this Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.   The domino effect of this campaign engulfed the entertainment industry and saw women around the world coming forward with their own tales.

It was not merely on the red carpet, however, that some of the world’s most prominent voices rallied against that abuse. Host Seth Myers set the stage to the strong speeches to come as he announced to the audience that “for the male nominees here tonight this is actually the first time in three months it will not be terrifying to hear your name read out loud.” The award recipients themselves also signified a shift in cultural thinking and how society views women and associations of abuse. Elisabeth Moss won the award for Best Actress for her part in the controversial ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of a wealthy mother in a highly abusive relationship in ‘Big Little Lies’ watched her take out her own golden   trophy.

Finally, there was Oprah. Upon receiving the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, Oprah Winfrey brought the audience to a standing ovation and reinforced the theme of the night. “We all have lived,” she announced, “a lot of years in a culture broken by brutally powerful men. For too long, women have not been heard or believed when they dare speak the truth to the power of those men.   But their time is up. Their time is up”

What a night! Thanks to everyone who attended and helped put on last night’s show! And we will be here throughout the upcoming few days with much more #GoldenGlobes photographs and videos you might have missed. #Globes75

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Florence Unveils Long-Awaited ‘Gucci Garden’ Museum

Italy’s famous city of Florence is the home to several of the art world’s best treasures. From Botticelli’s Venus into Michelangelo’s David, it is no surprise travellers are enchanted by the city for decades. Now, another famous name has combined the list of great artists in Florence, with the opening of this highly anticipated Gucci Garden.

Located in the 14th century Palazzo della Mercanzia, only a stone’s throw away from the famous Uffizi Gallery, the Gucci Garden is a fashion lover’s wonderland. Inside, visitors may explore a carefully curated museum of things Gucci or store at the boutique which sells exclusive ready-to-wear items. Later, a restaurant titled the Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura is set to lure in diners with its own menu. Lead with a three-Michelin-star chef, it sports iconic Italian cuisine in addition to a new spin on Tuscan classics.

The Gucci museum is open to the public from 10 am — 7 pm. Entry tickets cost 8 euros, with half of this price being donated to support restoration projects in Florence.

Inside the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia, which housed the Gucci Museo, the House debuts that the #GucciGarden. Conceived by creative manager #AlessandroMichele, the area comprising pub rooms, a store and a restaurant is a hierarchical territory in which the visitor can choose whether to drift and let themselves fall to this new universe or look intently to examine the surrounds. #GucciGarden is open to the general public from January 10th.

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The Future is in Sight with New Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

In 2018, you’ll find cars that drive themselves and AI systems which control your whole home. You will find smartphones and smartwatches, and today, you will find smart glasses. At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, New York firm Vuzix introduced the world’s first augmented reality smart sunglasses. Welcome to the future. Teaming up with global power Amazon, Vuzic has incorporated the Alexa voice-controlled electronic technologies into their new ‘Blade’ AR eyeglasses.

The Vuzix Blade eyeglasses involve a little screen that hovers at the top right corner of your eyesight. Connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or your phone through Bluetooth, it brings all of your technology needs into the forefront of your attention. Literally. As you see the world past the lens, the glasses permit you to answer phone calls, follow mapping directions, track your workout performance, browse Snapchat and Instagram and text your friends. You can even capture memories exactly as you view them, using an integrated camera for photos and videos.

The idea of getting handsfree info and net connectivity is meant to drastically transform and enhance performance in the professional fields of mathematics, medicine and more. If it comes to regular usage, however, the question remains as to if these glasses will cause a more integrated, interactive future. Or, whether we’re just about to go into a real-life Netflix episode of Black Mirror.

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Hollywood Hosts ‘American Crime Story: ‘ Versace’ Premiere

This week in Hollywood stars Ricky Martin, Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez and Daniel Criss chose to the red carpet for the premiere of the upcoming series, ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’. The show, directed by Ryan Murphy, is the next instalment of the riveting ‘American Crime Story’. The first season, ‘The People v. O.J Simpson’ won countless awards for its depiction of the notorious O.J Simpson murder trial. This time around, the show will be based on the life and sudden murder of high-profile fashion designer Gianni Versace in 1997.

The forthcoming television show was motivated by the 1999 book, ‘Vulgar Favours.’ Written by Maureen Orth, it portrays the events surrounding Versace’s death. While Ryan Murphy has declared that “Donatella Versace sent Penelope Cruz a huge arrangement of blossoms”, after the celebrity’s portrayal of this iconic designer, the Versace company has stated that the series relies on a “work of fiction” that is “filled with gossip and speculation”. Regardless of this, ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’, ‘ is destined to draw viewers en masse because of the season debut. The first episode is set to air on FX on January 17th.

Last night in the #ACSVersace Premier in #hollywood #americancrimestory

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Nikki Reed Creates Gold Jewellery from Recycled Tech

As sustainable fashion grows more enviable than ever, designers are always searching for new, fresh approaches to produce their bits eco-friendly. This week, actress and activist, Nikki Reed, shown a glittering new gold jewellery collection, which introduces the valuable resource in an entirely distinctive way. Launched at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the set is the brainchild of a partnership between Reed and electronics mega company, Dell.

Called The Circular Collection, each piece of 14-18 carat gold jewellery is created from gold that has been entirely sourced from recycled technology products. To put it differently, the golden inside that older computer motherboard you threw out last year might have been transformed into magnificent earrings, rings or cufflinks. As Nikki clarified on her Instagram, extracting gold from older computers is 99 percent more environmentally friendly than mining it from the ground. Ultimately, fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth, and Nikki has approached this mantra in more ways than one, ensuring that her new range is luxurious yet affordable. Prices vary from $78 to $348. View the entire of Nikki Reed and Dell’s advanced jewellery range here.

TODAY IS THE DAY! I’m THRILLED to share with you among the most exciting collaborations I have been part of. Over a year ago, @Dell approached me with the notion of making something beautiful from what is traditionally believed junk. Their ecological spouses had developed a process for extracting gold from old computer motherboards from the U.S. that has been 99% more environmentally friendly than mining gold in the earth. At the same time, I was working to establish @bayouwithlove from a desire to produce and encourage sustainable items that matched my life. Match made in heaven! Now we are showing The Circular Collection by @BayouwithLove and @Dell, a new 14-18 carat gold jewellery collection made in the US and sourced from gold retrieved from Dell’s recycling applications. This is so exciting because we are bringing together technologies and sustainable fashion and bringing individuals closer to an issue that plagues all people who utilize technology in our everyday lives. Requirement for technology gadgets continues to climb YET just 12.5 percent of electronics are recycled. Valuable tools which may be recycled and upcycled are going to waste. Americans are throwing out phones comprising more than 60 MILLION in silver or gold EVERY YEAR!!! That’s mad!!!! Our new collection is available at and to encourage responsible recycling and learn about Dell’s procedure for extracting gold and placing it back in their own products, see #DellxBayouWithLove #CES2018 #Legacyofgood

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