28 Greatest Places to Visit in Tasmania


Best places to visit in tasmania

Located 240 kilometres south of the Australian mainland, Tasmania is one of the world’s most distant travel destinations. Having a surface of over 68,000 km² and a small population of more than 500,000 people, the island poses a secluded get-away for nature fans, food connoisseurs and art lovers from around the world. Lose yourself in Tasmania’s natural beauty whilst researching the nation’s vast world-heritage-listed wilderness, making acquaintance with its distinctive wildlife and indulging in its own award-winning local produce. Whether you’re into outdoor adventures, relaxing at the beach or vacationing Tamar Valley’s basement doors, we’ve compiled the best places to visit in Tasmania for your next getaway.

2. Museum of Old & New Art (MONA)

Launched in 2011, MONA has grown into one of Tasmania’s main attractions, attracting art enthusiasts from around the world. The museum is well known for its eclectic mix of classic and modern artwork.

3. Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires stretches all the way from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north. Aside from its white beaches and clear blue sea, the bay known for its orange granite boulders, spanning 50 kilometres along the shore.

4. Salamanca Market

The iconic Salamanca Market is the perfect place to establish your heavenly encounter. Held every Saturday for three years, it brings with the island’s artisans, musicians and local produce. The historic sandstone buildings and subtropical location offer a picturesque backdrop for this industry expertise.

5. Cradle Mountain National Park

The alpine heathlands and the glacial lake of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park offer some of the most scenic and serene bushwalking adventures in the nation. To get snow-junkies, its vulnerable slopes offer ski pleasure until late in the year.

6. The Neck, Bruny Island

The Neck joins the south and north portion of Bruny Island. The lookout offers 360-degree views and has established itself as a popular place to watch native wildlife, like small fairy penguins.

7. Port Arthur Historic Site

Dig deep into Tasmania’s past by visiting the Port Arthur Historic Site. The World Heritage listed area is your best-preserved convict website in the nation and among the most significant convict-era places on the planet.

8. Cataract Gorge

Another view-worthy natural occurrence of Tassie is the Cataract Gorge Reserve, that is just a 15-minute walk from Launceston town center. Apart from beautiful, natural walking trails, spectacular views, a swimming pool and a restaurant, you could also see peacocks and wallabies here at dusk.

9. Tessellated Pavement

The Tessellated Pavement is the Australian version of Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway. Come in twilight to see magical, colourful reflections in the surface that is .

10. Three Capes Track

Experience the 3 Capes Track with a walking exploration of this previously untouched south Tasmanian land. Here, you’ll discover 46 kilometres of endless ocean views and raw wilderness on a four-day hike while resting overnight in environmentally-sensitive cabins.

11. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is a flowery sanctuary in the middle of Hobart and showcases over 6,500 unique kinds of plants on 13.5 hectares. In 2018 the Botanical Gardens will celebrate its 200th anniversary, so make sure you head down to join in on the festivities.

12. Horseshoe Falls

Found in the heart of the country in Mount Field National Park is the Horseshoe Falls. Watch in amazement as the water majestically descends on this step-like rock formation.

13. Satellite Island

Ever dreamed about on a private island? Satellite Island at Tassie’s south offers the greatest luxury island experience for you and eight of your closest buddies. Beginning at $1450 a night you can make it your personal, such as sporting equipment and all-you-can-eat oysters.

14. The Risks

While down in Wineglass Bay, look at taking the scenic route home to catch a glimpse of this Risks, a mountain range known for its pink color. Head there directly before sunset for a breathtaking view.

15. Russell Falls

Along with holding the title for Tasmania’s prettiest waterfall, Russell Falls is also the easiest to reach. Situated in Mt Field National Park, it is just a one-hour driveway and scenic 20-minute walk from Hobart.

16. Tamar Valley Wine Region

The Tamar Valley Wine Region is considered one of the top ten wine routes in the world. Stretching along the bends of the Tamar river, it offers multiple paths for wine lovers to research. It also ships over fifty cellar doors disperse round 170 kilometres.

17. Tasman Arch

The Tasman Arch is just one of those wonderfully bizarre rock formations you need to see with your own eyes. It sits at Tasmania’s Southern Peninsula within close proximity of other All-natural attractions, such as the Blow Hole, Devils Kitchen, Tessellated Pavement, Remarkable Cave and Waterfall Bay.

18. West Coast Wilderness Railway

The West Coast Wilderness Railway directs you on a heritage ride through the breathtaking countryside between Strahan’s historic regatta point and Queenstown on the west coast of Tasmania. From $175, you can choose between half and full-day trips.

19. Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is situated in Tasmania’s west, just south of Queenstown. Named after the wild rivers that turn their way throughout its rugged landscape, the park is a favorite destination for bushwalkers, rafters, and 4WD hobbyists.

20. Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

If you’re craving some civilization in Launceston, you need to consider heading into the QVMAG. Since Australia’s largest regional museum, it’s gained a national profile for its collections of colonial and decorative art as well its Tasmanian history and natural science exhibits.

21. Table Cape Tulip Farms

Each year in late September and October, the Table Cape Tulip Farms are available to people as their tulip fields bloom in a spectacular array of colors. While there, make certain to match your visit with all the Bloomin’ Tulips Festival to view stunning floral showcases and fireworks.

22. Mount Wellington

Kunanyi/Mount Wellington provides the stunning background for Hobart, Tasmania’s cultural and culinary heart. At an elevation level of 1270 metres, a stroll into the summit will reward you with extensive views of the coast and countryside.

23. Overland Track

If you’re following a physical adventure, place your toes to work on the Overland Track. This exceptionally popular hiking course runs for 65 kilometres, starting at Cradle Mountain and rewarding you with all the calm scenery of Lake St Clair.

24. Grindelwald

Get a taste of Europe at Tasmania’s very own Swiss village, Grindelwald. This home made settlement 15 kilometres from Launceston was motivated by classic Swiss architecture, complete with charming eaves, flower boxes, window shutters and balconies.

25. The Mole Creek Caves

Immerse yourself in the shadow of the Mole Creek Caves and find mysterious glow worms, sparkling crystals, reflection pools and magnificent stalagmite formations. Tours are available all year, but be sure to dress appropriately since the caves hover a consistent temperature of 9 degrees Celsius.

26. Western Arthur Range

The Western Arthur Range in south-west Tasmania provides a challenging yet spectacular trek for seasoned hikers. The 34-kilometre round-trip features 22 peaks and 20 hanging lakes and takes most adventurers four to five times to complete.

27. Montezuma Falls

A 90-minute drive from Burnie on Tasmania’s west coast lies Montezuma Falls. In 104 metres, it is the state’s highest waterfall. A three-hour return trek will take you there, travelling through exotic vegetation and trees that are enormous.

28. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

At the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, you can get up close and personal with a number of the unique wildlife of Tasmania. If you always wanted to pat a wombat or play tug of war with a Tassie Devil, this bewitching place makes it feasible.

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