10 Best Yoga Retreats from Around The World


10 Best Yoga Retreats in the World to Visit in 2016

It is said that traveling  can broaden your mind and enrich your soul. There is something about throwing yourself head first into another culture that forces you to step back and reflect on your own. Imagine a vacation from where you return home feeling more healthy than rather than eternally hungover. Well, there is a burgeoning tourism sector around just this. Spiritual tourism is increasing, and  as a result, we see the development of hotels dedicated entirely to yoga. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just have a casual interest, you can gain so much from a trip to a yoga retreat. Not only in the yoga  but exposing yourself to the thoughts of other cultures. Here are the very best yoga retreats from all over the world to receive your inspiration flowing.

2. Paradise Beach Resort, Morocco

With a yoga studio sitting on the sand of one of Morocco’s most famous surf beaches, this hotel combines two excellent meditative practices. The atmosphere is enchanting, with the soothing ocean sounds making for a relaxing yoga shore getaway.


3. Yoga Health Retreats, Byron Bay, Australia

Combining Yoga with Ayurveda remedies, Pilates, Kinesiology, Reiki and much more, this can be a health retreat that throws everything in you. Founded over 13 years back, this is one of the elderly yoga retreats in the western world. Unlike some of those other retreats in this listing, you won’t be staying at a hut or beach bungalow, however you will have the advantage of daily sessions with a teacher who will claim to be a legitimate yoga pioneer.


4. Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

Offering detox, pilates and spa apps along with their flagship yoga course is the Absolute Sanctuary resort. The Moroccan-inspired structure is set off from the green, hilly backdrop and swimming pool to create for a striking setting. In reality, the mansion-esque buildings one of the hills look as a detox hotel which you might find in the Hollywood Hills. With a variety of objective-focussed yoga programs Total Sanctuary is the absolute top yoga retreat.


5. Ananda Spa, Himalayas, India

There are a few questions how much of the yoga we practise now in the West looks like the  yoga practices out of India. Having said this, no record of yoga retreats from all over the world would be complete without a trip to India. You could hardly imagine a more awe-inspiring setting than that. Located on a 100-acre property in the Himalayan foothills is the palace dedicated to safeguarding your health and equilibrium. We can not think about a more appropriate spot for your yoga retreat.


6. Hotel Nautilus, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

To the Americas and the woods of Costa Rica, you’ll find Santa Teresa and this jungle-bound yoga retreat. Hotel Nautilus provides yoga sessions twice per day and escape events which frequently sell out. Find your centre before heading outside and exploring jungle excursions or spending parts of your day lazing on a Costa Rica shore.


7. Swaswara, Gokarna, India

Going down to the south of India we find Swaswara, a back-to-basics yoga retreat that you would expect to find at a travel documentary. The resort puts a focus on practising yoga outdoors; your day begins with a yoga session on the shore. It is the place you should visit for the most real Indian biking experience.


8. Yoga From The Wild, Utah, USA

This is something a little different, a yoga retreat which uses the stunning, red landscape of southern Utah because its setting. Offering both and multi-day yoga trips, Yoga In The Wild gets its inspiration from the natural world. It feels right, doesn’t it? The package comprises guided hikes, vegetarian foods not to mention the yoga sessions (not to mention the gorgeous scenery).   Get inspired by the grandeur of Utah’s landscape.


9. Kamalaya, Koh Samui

Before you even have an opportunity to return to business, you are going to fall in love with the setting of the resort. Nestled in the hills and overlooking the water. It’s a scene of idyllic paradise straight from Alex Garland’s novel The Beach, without any of the unpleasantness. Kamalaya provides a big range of wellness packages for stress relief, detox and also a personal yoga program. Select a 3, 5 or 7-night bundle and they create tailored sessions according to your level of experience. Between your yoga sessions, you can cure yourself, the steam cavern or maybe even a glowing drink.


10. The Island Experience, Ilha Grande, Brazil

Away from the coast of the 2016 Olympic town, Rio De Janeiro is Ilha Grande. The Island Experience overlooks Brazil’s magnificent waters and rainforests,  including glass walls to appreciate the pure miracle indeed. The seven-day yoga bundles comprise twice daily meditation sessions alongside a bunch of fun outdoor activities such as kayaking and snorkelling.


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