10 The Best Yoga Studios in Melbourne



Fancy stretching and sweating in a perfectly heated area, grooving to Snoop Dogg while doing Vinyasa, or learning to enjoy yourself with some Yin? Well, lucky for you, when it comes to yoga, Melbourne’s got you covered. These are the best yoga studios to see at the moment.

2. Warrior One Yoga

The aim of Warrior One Yoga is to provide you with a challenging and profound yoga training, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Bypassing all the bells and whistles of fad fashion yogas, Warrior One takes things back to basics by focusing on breath and mindful movement. The boutique studio is just the perfect size to offer you tailored aid so you can go at your own pace and enjoy your yoga journey. Warrior One allows you to get the absolute most out of your time using a balanced and holistic approach. When attending a course, you’re guaranteed to receive a full-body workout to assist you deepen, strengthen and progress your yoga practice.

Location: 1/461 New St, Brighton, Melbourne


3. Rise Yoga

Rise Yoga, instead focuses on something more meaningful and like any genuine yoga, ditches superficiality. By attending a class at this Richmond studio, you’ll immediately be made to feel welcome, cared for, and a part of something greater than yourself. Designed not just to challenge your body but also your mind, Boost Meditation brings itself to exploring your beliefs and pushing the boundaries of possibility. Finding self-love and approval is made possible in this studio by channelling the practice of yoga into changing negative self-images and self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Location: 1/232 Bridge Rd, Richmond, Melbourne


4. Humming Puppy

Simply by entering Humming Puppy studio you will feel instantly calmer and more centred. The unbelievable distance was created in conjunction with world-leading acoustic engineers. Designed to improve and deepen your yoga experience, the humming submerses you in seems meant to assist you naturally produce matching frequencies via a process of entrainment. This perfect hum comes with a combo of equally 40 hertz and 7.83 hertz. The first of those frequencies is specifically connected to ‘Gamma’ brainwaves and is intended to help you achieve peak performance while the second is the frequency of the earth and is meant to assist ‘earth’ you.

Location: 2/22 Cecil Place, Prahran, Melbourne


5. Kaya Health Clubs

In Buddhism, Kaya refers to the bodily and psychological body. In Japanese, it translates to mean that a place of rest and relaxation, like a home. As such, the title is the perfect match for these serene health clubs. Located in Prahran and the CBD, Kaya Health Clubs are a great spot to escape the hectic world and immerse yourself into a few yoga. Featuring styles like Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Nidra and Meditation, Kaya provides a yearlong and immersive biking experience. Completely made to enhance your physical and psychological well-being, Kaya clubs specialise in pilates, barre and boxing courses.

Location 1: 325 Chapel St Prahran, Melbourne

Location 2: Lv 5 — 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD


6. KX Yoga

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or somebody new to the clinic, KX Yoga is a fantastic studio to see. Located in Malvern, the spacious studio is the best modern and architecturally designed environment to work out your entire body and recharge your mind. Every class comes with an educated instructor with classes that are busy hosting an adjustor. These safe, friendly, and inclusive courses are centred on both Vinyasa or Yin styles of yoga. Made to help define you both emotionally and physically, KX yoga focuses on little and continuing improvements.

Location: 1a Winter Street, Malvern, Melbourne


7. Light Space Yoga

Created by mother and daughter team, Susan and Clare, Light Space Yoga is a terrific community of men and women who are passionate about yoga. Spread out over three locations, each Light Space Yoga studio is designed to be a nirvana of calm, peace, and quiet from the external world. Inspired by a fresh and modern approach to yoga, Light Space Yoga offers classes in Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Principles and Yin yoga. In addition to this, this adapting studio also offers Prenatal, Mums & Bubs, and Kids Yoga classes for all those yoga-loving women with hens in tow.

Location 1: Degree 1 174 Upper Heidelberg Road Ivanhoe, Melbourne

Location 2: Level 1 346 Belmore Road Balwyn, Melbourne

Location 3: Degree 2 526 Whitehorse Road Mitcham, Melbourne


8. Yoga 213

If you prefer to get your groove and have a little bit of fun, Yoga 213 is your studio for you. As Australia’s first hip hop yoga studio, Yoga 213 combines music with yoga to make an incredible and uplifting adventure. Bend, stretch and hit poses as you listen to everything from acoustic and electronic music into the sounds of Jay Z and Snoop Dogg. Did someone say “drop it like it’s hot”? Well, that is exactly what you’ll be performing as you practice Fluid, Slow, and Foundational Flow styles of Vinyasa. Once that’s done, unwind with a few Yin yoga as you take in the soothing tunes of Jon Hopkins, Bon Iver, and Helios.

Location: 97 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne


9. Breathe Yoga and Pilates

Breathe Pilates and Yoga boasts a number of Melbourne’s most notable yogis. These expert instructors can help you become more mindful, flexible, strong and graceful, all while having fun. The team jointly represents over 80 years of yoga teaching experience, so that you know you’ll get the best yoga education possible at this studio. While other studios only instruct, the staff at Breathe know precisely how to correct your posture, muscle balance and movement routines, based on the latest research. If that is still not enough to convince you, nevertheless, possibly the convenient CBD places, magnificent spaces, and wonderful tea blends will have you heading through the door.

Location 1: 8 Goldie Pl, Melbourne CBD

Location 2: Level 1, 289 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD


10. One Hot Yoga

When it comes to Hot yoga, One Sexy Yoga actually understands what it is doing. The studio centers on the two elements that compose the human body: air and water. Adding a underfloor heating system, One allows you to get sweaty when maintaining your eyes and skin hydrated. Adding in yet some more notable engineering, the One studio also comes with a state-of-the-art air filtration system. This system uses a continuous stream of oxygen to nourish and cleanse your body while maintaining the room completely fresh. This incredibly well-created area with decorative design makes sexy yoga a pleasure.

Location: 36 — 48 River Street, South Yarra, Melbourne


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