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7 Models Changing Today’s Perception of Beauty


7 Models Changing Perception Of Beauty Banner

For a society which has such a massive focus on the portrayal of perfection it is refreshing to see a brand new breed of models who are demonstrating that imperfections and flaws could be beautiful. These models are being praised for being themselves and for their refusal to surrender to industry norms, and are devoting significant attention in doing this, which suggests there’s a real interest for diversity in the modeling business. Let us hope this favorable progress continues and the standards of this modeling business evolve to represent a larger array of looks.

3. Robyn Lawley

Australian Robyn Lawley was dubbed the supermodel of plus-size models. Her striking face and incredible curves have graced the covers of many publications including Vogue Italy, Marie Claire France, Elle France and Cosmopolitan Australia. After Lawley modelled for Ralph Lauren at 2012 she became the first plus-size model to star in a luxury designer effort and she was also the first plus size version to be featured in the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue this year. But Lawley who is size 14-16 hates labels and will not take the and size one she’s been given. She chooses not to concentrate on size because she wants to promote a healthy body image and assist young lady to accept their bodies. She says, “It is about time we forgo labels and embraced size diversity in the fashion world and mainstream press.” Keep doing you, Robyn.

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