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Fashion Trends Spotted About The Streets at 2013


Top 3 Fashion Trends Spotted on The Streets in 2013


Vintage Monochromes Trend

Among the most popular color trends this year is the classic monochromes. There are just a few mixes as stylish and simple as the white and black combo.

2. Statement Red Dress Trend

There are countless songs about ladies in red dresses and that’s because crimson dresses are genuinely a statement piece drawing attention with their vibrancy. Nothing is as feminine and eye-catching as a gorgeous dress in a hot and rich hue of red that matches all skin tones.

These dresses are classic and don’t need to be limited to attending red carpet events. In reality they can be worn during the day in the shape of a casual mini dress with sleeves that are restricted, midi length dresses for a modern look and skater styled dresses that are fantastic for fit and flare.

You can tone your red dress with strappy sandals and booties. However, that does not mean that you can’t wear maxi gowns or a gorgeous red gown, there are loads of different styles and hues to choose from for a ladylike and show-stopping appearance.

Bring inspiration from Valentino who chased the crimson dress and guaranteed that it became a must-have in the each girl’s closet.

red dressstreet_style_trends_2014

3. Pleated Skirt Trend

The pleated skirt is one of the most flattering and girlie fashions around and has been making a huge comeback this season.

Pleated skirts are flexible and there are a number of different lengths to choose from, short or long, whatever fashion suits you the best.

The preferred on the streets appears to be the knee-length and long pleated skirt and this is such a chic option because the design is ladylike, complicated and calf-slimming as it falls just above the knee, or just above the ankle.

This season proves that revealing only a little skin is just as alluring as revealing a lot. Elect for pleated skirts in leather for a modern spin on the fashion. Or embrace the highland inspiration of plaids and tartans, mixing two tendencies in one for this particular year.

Pleats could be dressed up or down and easily transitioned from day-time looks to night with flats throughout the daytime and kitten heels for a more petite frame and higher heels to stretch a curvier figure.

Yet the greatest things about pleated skirts are that they’re complex and age suitable for girls both young and older.

PLEATED SKIRT_street_style_trends_2014

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