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Oriental Prints | Text Tshirts I Byzantine Prints Trends 2013


T-Shirt Text Message Trend

There’s a reason why text tees are adopted by so many women globally. One of the reasons is because these tees allow you to show your personality by the choice of cheeky slogan that is emblazoned across your top.

Oriental Prints Trend

Looking to the East for inspiration has produced some very elegant and refined looks. Japan has significantly influenced western fashion in recent years and the effect has been inspiring.   Rich embroidered patterns and exotic colours are introduced to our otherwise neutral wardrobes, high-neck collars, kimono styled coats, full satin blossom dresses, and cheongsam-style dresses with flattering streamlined shapes.

We drew inspiration from Kenzo and Miuccia Prada using their use of bold tiger prints and Proenza Schouler’s Chinese-embroidered bomber coat, but there’s something sexy about the oriental prints from the vivid floral prints to the modest chinaware print.

On the streets this tendency has transitioned to make it less daunting for everyday appearances and wearable. Fashion enthusiasts have combined oriental inspired prints using an part of androgyny, like a flowing flowery pantsuit. Floral blossom skirts are paired with neutral hues, clashing patterns are worn out with high-neck collared designs and embroidery is in its finest with bomber jackets that show oriental detailing yet remain casual and simple to wear.

Capes and Kimonos have been adapted from Japanese clothing and are trendy and female, while more subtle appearances are introduced with just a simple belt, handbag or shoe.


Emperor and Byzantine Art Prints Trend

Although this trend may be for the daring, there’s a definite historic element surfacing and most of us adore our fashion history. Not to mention that the air of resplendence is hard to ignore!

You can draw inspiration from the designs and decadent fabrics of Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Balmain however, the roads will teach you all that you ever have to know about how to wear the Emperor and Byzantine art prints.

The key with this look is to adopt the rich hues. Here is the time as soon as your wardrobe can have as much colour as you want, with the debut of royal purple, bright yellow, burnt orange, forest green and burgundy hues.

These tapestry inspired prints seem chic when worn in caped sleeve dresses, higher collar layouts, high-waisted skirts and sweeping full length dresses.

While these prints are amazing and will no doubt catch attention, if you are after a more modest appearance to the fashion you can tone the prints by pairing them with neutral colors.   Remember detail is vital to looking like a Queen!

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