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Top 7 Street Style Trends By A/W 2016 Fashion Weeks


Top 7 Street Style Trends from AW 2016 Fashion Weeks

Vintage 90s and 80s trends are making a comeback on the road style scene, seen on most of the chicest women attending  to the European Autumn/Winter shows. Of course, as style goes, it’s a upgraded, reinvented take on the trends of the last to keep things stylish and trendy. Flares are reworked in glossy black fabrics, bandanas are worn out femininely tied round the neck, along with frayed denim is perfectly partnered with stylish heels. Hoodies are worn under jackets, also adding to the grunge vibe radiating from the street fashion collection, while multi-coloured fur, folk art jackets and announcement stripes add a pop of fun into the mix with bold colors and patterns. Bring this mixture of 90s matches contemporary into your own wardrobe with a little inspiration from our high seven road style styles from Autumn/Winter 2016 style weeks.

Flares have been gradually making their way back in to the wardrobes of fashion’s elite, and this year is no exception.   Introduced to fashion from the ’70s, flares had another significant moment in the late ’90s, and are now back again in 2016. Also known as bell-bottoms, flares are a flattering and feminine shape which sit tight at the thighs and nose and knees outwards towards the toes. Now’s updated versions appear in slick, black cotton styles with added stretch for a polished look. Best paired with heels to stretch the thighs, flares look perfect at or under ankle length. Complete styling with a fitted shirt on top and a slender, thigh-length coat.

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Another throw-back into the ’90s, the humble bandana has made an abrupt return. Worn chicly round the throat, the bandana is the newest way to complete an outfit in fashion. Tied up high, such as the lace scarves of flight attendants, bandana also resembles an updated version of the year’s much-loved ribbon chokers. Best worn in a bold color with a simple yet detailed pattern, bandanas can be easily paired with almost any outfit. Keep a variety in your closet this autumn and just pick out a matching or complimentary color to choose your outfit when it’s in need of some excess style points.

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The colored faux fur designs seen on the runway in this year’s shows were mimicked the runway off.   Street design experts took the look a step further however, with debut of multi-coloured fur.   Bold splashes of clashing colours, stripes and even multi-hued, fur flowers were all seen on the roads of Paris and Milan. Unmissable, using their incredible colour, size and texture, these coats and coats spelled out fun combined with some serious attitude. If you are feeling a little daring try this look on your own. Simply pair with basic block colors and straight-leg pants or jeans. Then match the color of your bag to one of the colours of your coat and you’re ready to go.

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Add some rich colours and ornamental patterns to your wardrobe this year with folk-art inspired designs. Swirling shapes, detailed embroidery, florals, and culturally-inspired themes, all turned heads on the roads away from the recent Autumn/Winter 16 runways. With hues reminiscent of panoramic landscapes, this tendency brought fashion and art together in a clear yet humble manner. Featured predominantly on standout coats and vests, folk art was paired with contemporary design and simple silhouettes. Like multi-coloured fur, this trend will say what your ensemble needs in 1 garment, so keep things simple with a pair of jeans.

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Every cool woman was wearing frayed denim on the roads of Europe this style month. Looking absolutely undone, this trend easily injects a little ’90s grunge and attitude into any ensemble. And the best part is it doesn’t need to cost you a cent.   Give your jeans a D.I.Y. makeover and cut the hems off a classic pair for an instant fashion update. Then just leave them raw on the edge for a “too cool to care” look. The perfect length is  chopped at the ankle and the ideal spouse is black, leather boots, leather boots. Of course if you’d prefer a brand-new set up, there is plenty of stylish options to buy also. If you like skinny-legs, straights, or even wide-legs, there’s frayed denim in a style to suit you.

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Vertical, horizontal or diagonal, it doesn’t matter, as long as your stripes are both loudly and making a statement! Unmissable and bold, announcement stripes stalked the streets outside this year’s Paris and Milan shows.   Stripes are always popular but they have not been this fun in a little while.   Whether they were black, red, white, blue, pink or green, they all stood out and coated entire clothes. Thick and almost flag-worthy, they ruled street style looks from head to toe. Wear your own statement stripes onto a jacket, jacket or dress and pair with a simple, slim silhouette and minimal accessories.

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Full of practical and attitude, this street style trend will keep you stylish and warm at the exact same moment. Wearing a hoodie under a jacket is this year’s answer to this question of dressing stylishly disheveled. Light and comfy, cotton hoodies were worn under all wide range of dense outerwear in Milan and Paris. Together with hoods up, sunglasses on and hair messily, the style pack looked like they had a trendy secret to conceal.   Classically worn with leather, layered hoodies also look great with the added texture of fur, wool or shearling coats. Try this look paired with denim to your ultimate 90’s grunge style.

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